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BigfootGaming” was launched in 2023 to give Irish “Gamers” a reliable and local source for expertly built pre-built and customized gaming systems, as well as a wide selection of quality gaming accessories.

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BigFootGaming.ie has customers across all gaming profiles, catering to both young and older gamers alike. From the casual gamers who enjoy playing for fun to the hardcore elitist gamers who are always pushing their skills to the edge, BigFootGaming has a range of products and services to suit every gaming need.

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From our store and processing facility in Naas Co Kildare, we’re able to build Gaming Systems to the highest standards, using years of expertise and knowledge we have the capacity to grow into Ireland largest Irish owned and operated Gaming Supplier.

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Over 20 Years Passion and Expertise

the Ultimate Squad…

BigFootGaming is dedicated to assembling an unparalleled team of gaming experts, ensuring that every member possesses exceptional skills and a shared passion for success. This stellar group is the driving force behind BigFootGaming’s continuous growth and achievements. Together, we conquer.

Meet the vanguard

Meet the vanguard of BigFootGaming, this innovative and passionate team of professionals are committed to delivering an exceptional experience for every Irish Gamer. With their combined expertise and dedication, they constantly push the boundaries to create a unique and immersive shopping environment for all to enjoy both in-store and online.

Customer Support

Kevin, our dedicated gaming expert, is on hand to provide exceptional support and guidance for all our customers’ gaming adventures.

Sales Manager

Anthony diligently scouts for the most enticing gaming offers, ensuring our customers consistently receive top-notch promotions.

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Managing Director

Martin’s mission is to propel “Bigfoot” to the forefront of Ireland’s gaming scene, establishing it becomes a premier destination for gamers across the country.

Ecommerce Manager

Barry’s objective is to introduce BigFoot to every Irish gamer, creating an unparalleled experience that becomes the stuff of legends.

Ecommerce Support

Our “Man in the Chair” and proficient “fixer,” Gavin works to guarantee a seamless website experience for all our customers.

The Solid support squad

Introducing the Solid Support Squad of BigFootGaming, an equally devoted and skilled team, committed to providing unwavering assistance and reinforcement for every Irish Gamer. Drawing from their collective knowledge and years of experience, they tirelessly work behind the scenes to ensure a smooth and remarkable experience, to keep gamers coming back for more.

PC Expert

Kyle, the young gun in our team, is a wizard at computer configuration, ensuring our customers get the ultimate gaming experience tailored to their needs.

Shipping Manager

Francis, our dependable warehouse supervisor, keeps our inventory organized and ensures smooth operations, making sure every order is promptly fulfilled.

Operations Manager

Thomas, the mastermind behind our operations, skillfully manages our resources and keeps everything on track, ensuring everything runs like a well-oiled machine.

PC Expert

Peter, our PC expert, is meticulous in his work, providing expert advice and guidance to our customers, helping them make informed decisions on their gaming setups.

PC Expert

Every operation needs a “Go To Guy“, and Andrew’s that guy. If you need it done, and, you can find him, maybe you can hire ANDREW.

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Whether you’re looking for a new high-end Gaming PC or just starting out on your Gaming quest, BigFootGaming has everything you’ll need to stomp out the competition.

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Come and join the conversation, we would love to hear your thoughts on all things Gaming, from your dream setups to your next level gaming strategies.

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