BigFootGaming Gears Up for GamerFest in the RDS!

BigFoot Gaming | Gamerfest 2023 | blog featured image

This weekend, gaming enthusiasts across Ireland are in for a real treat as GamerFest takes over the RDS. With the promise of an exhilarating gaming experience, they’re all set to make your weekend memorable.

So, what’s in store at GamerFest, and why should you make a beeline for the BigFootGaming booth? Let’s dive into the details.

Playable Stations

First things first, if you want to unleash your gaming beast, BigFootGaming has got you covered. We’re bringing a small array of playable stations where you can dive headfirst into your favorite games. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, you’ll have the opportunity to stomp the competition.

Let’s Talk PC’s

BigFootGaming is renowned for their expertise in all things gaming PCs, and they’re ready to share their knowledge. If you’ve been contemplating making the switch from console to the exciting world of PC gaming, this is your chance to explore your options. We’ll help you understand what it takes to embark on your PC gaming journey and ensure you have a blast while doing it.

PC Giveaway

And the icing on the cake? Or should we say thermal paste on the CPU? BigFootGaming is currently running a giveaway, and the prize is none other than a BigFoot Tundra 1660 Gaming PC! So, be sure to drop by our booth to learn how you could be the lucky winner.

Upgrade Your Gaming Setup

Even if you’re already a part of the ‘PC Master Race’, BigFootGaming is here to cater to your needs as well. If you’re thinking about upgrading your gaming setup, you can seek expert advice on the latest hardware, accessories, and peripherals that’ll give you the edge you’ve been craving.

Whether you’re an aspiring gamer, a seasoned pro, or someone looking to elevate their gaming setup, BigFootGaming has something special in store for you. Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of gaming and discover the possibilities with BigFootGaming. We’ll see you at GamerFest in the RDS this weekend – be prepared to stomp the competition!