This Week in Gaming & PC : The Day Before, Fallout 4 ‘4k Update’ , Trinity Fusion and More!

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Hello Gamers!

Welcome to another weekly roundup of all things Gaming and PC-related. We understand the importance of keeping you informed in an ever-evolving industry, so we’ll be doing this every week!

the day before

The Day Before: From Hype to Scam:
Once hyped as one of Steam’s Most Anticipated Games for 2023, The Day Before took a nosedive, now considered one of the biggest scams in the gaming industry. Just four days after its release, the studio shut down, leaving players disappointed with what feels like an unfinished game. No updates or fixes are coming our way. Have you been following this gaming rollercoaster?

Source : The Day Before Studio Announces Closure

fallout 4

Fallout 4 Update Takes a Raincheck Until 2024:
If you’ve been waiting for Fallout 4’s promised ‘big 4k update’ announced for its 25th anniversary in 2022, well, keep waiting. It’s now delayed until 2024. Gamers are buzzing with theories, speculating it might coincide with the Fallout TV Show release on Prime Video. What are your thoughts on this unexpected twist?

Source : Bethesda Tweet Announcing Delay

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PC News: Silent Nights for Hardware Deals:
In the PC world, it’s a quiet Christmas on the hardware front. Aside from the usual Christmas deals, the PC scene remains pretty calm. Of course, we recommend shopping at the one and only BigFootGaming over the Christmas period and we’ll help make your New Year Resolution of transitioning to the PC Gaming World that much easier!
Source : Shop Gaming PC’s Now

trinity fusion

Exciting PC Game Drops Before Year-End:
On a brighter note, we’ve got some cool PC games dropping soon. Keep your eyes peeled for Trinity Fusion, Return from Core, and Railbreak, promising diverse gaming experiences. Which of these releases are you looking forward to?

Source : PC Game Releases

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