This Week in Gaming & PC: Gray Zone Warfare, Drowned Lake, Nvidia Game Pass Bundle & More!

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Gray Zone

Gray Zone Warfare: The Tactical FPS of 2024:
Nearly a month after its gameplay reveal trailer, Gray Zone Warfare is finally gaining traction in the gaming community. Touted as ‘The Tactical FPS of 2024,’ its unparalleled realism is captivating FPS fans. However it’s hard to ignore it’s resemblance to Escape From Tarkov, we’re excited to see how they compete!

Source : Gray Zone Warfare Gameplay Reveal Trailer

drowned lake

Drowned Lake: An Enchanting Fishing Quest:
A game can’t so much as include a puddle without gamers demanding a fishing mini game or side quest. Drowned Lake caters to that desire for immersive experiences, featuring an amateur reporter encountering mysterious occurrences during a night fishing trip. With the extended reveal trailer just released and the release date still uncertain, you can wishlist the game on Steam.

Source : Drowned Lake Extended Reveal Trailer

game pass

Nvidia’s Game Pass Bundle: A Bonus for GPU Upgrades:
Nvidia has sweetened the deal for those contemplating a GPU upgrade by bundling three months of Game Pass with every purchase of new RTX cards. This added bonus might just be the push needed for gamers still on the fence about enhancing their gaming experience. Are you considering upgrading your GPU?
Source : Nvidia X Game Pass Promotional Page 

pc game releases

This Week’s PC Game Releases:
For the dedicated PC gamers, this week introduces Forest Grove, Gangs of Sherwood, and SteamWorld Build. These promising releases are set to offer exciting adventures and challenges. Which game will be gracing your screen this week?

Source : PC Game Releases

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