We’re going to Gamerfest – Ireland’s leading series of gaming festivals

Gamefest 2023
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All Aboard the BigFootGaming Adventure at Gamerfest 2023!

‘Ello, gamers of Ireland! We at BigFootGaming have just wrapped up a rip-roaring visit to Gamerfest 2023, and blimey, it was an absolute corker!

First up, let’s have a talk about those amazing games that were on display. Picture this, you’re sat on a spanking new VR gaming rig, the likes of which would make even the most seasoned gamer a bit jelly and, you’re emersed in a high-octane formula one race, It’s safe to say, It’s an experience I’d love to be able to jump into any time I wanted to at home. The only problem would be, I’d get NO WORK done EVER! Then, as if top-notch Formula One VR simulators were not enough, we were also in pure gaming paradise with the most fantastical RPGs you can think of! It’s fair to say we could have stayed in that one spot all day, but there was more to see and do.

Now, let us not get ourselves into a twist. We love a good console bash as much as the next gamer. But let’s be straight, PC gaming is where the magic really happens, right? “Copium… maybe.” Those high-definition graphics, customisable settings, and the feel of the keyboard at our fingertips…well, that wants it’s all about… right? In the main area, there was a veritable overabundance of gaming PCs on display, you could literally jump onto a high-spec gaming PC and loss hours playing great games at ultra-high settings. Some of the “Beaten Up” games were so smooth it was like watching a move.

And speaking of battles, we got a chance to watch eSports teams duking it out on Rocket League. Bro.., it was a proper nail-biter! Their moves were slicker than a greased joystick, and watching them in action was like watching poetry in motion. A poem about rocket-powered cars playing footy, of course, but to be fair, the way they play is exactly how I think I play… Yeah, right, in my dreams.

What made the event even more wonderful, was the sheer amount of cosplayers there. The place was chock-a-block with cosplayers who looked like they’d just walked straight out of our favourite games. Chatting with everyone, sharing a laugh or two, and marveling at their brilliant costumes – it was an absolute laugh a minute.

And let’s not forget the fun of just wandering around, soaking up the atmosphere, and trying out the latest gadgets and gizmos. The feeling of camaraderie, of being surrounded by people who love games as much as we do…it was the bee’s knees, pure and simple.

So, all in all, Gamerfest 2023 was a smash hit for us at BigFootGaming. The games, the gear, the people…we had a blinder! And you can bet your last game token we’ll be back next year. After all, you’re always ready for the next level when you’re a gamer.

So until next time, happy gaming, keep that spirit alive, because as we all know, it’s game over only when we say it is! See you on the other side of the screen.